Portland, ME


I recently took a trip to Portland ME, and discovered more than a quaint

fishing town with lively waters and cobbled streets. I found the best lobster roll of my life. It was a perfect balance of crispy, buttery and chewy all bundled into one softly grilled hero. Perfection. Continue reading


Gluten-free Heaven.


mini red velvet cupcake.

What’s better than that first bite into a beautiful, spongy cupcake topped with fluffy butter-cream frosting? The fact that you have no idea it’s gluten-free. I realized my adoration/ obsession over the delicate treats after my first taste of heaven on earth, not so long ago.

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Lost in Nolita

It was my boyfriend’s birthday yesterday and I spent the day scouring the streets for something to do when he got off work. We live in alphabet city, he works in the financial district and walking is always a preferable option. There are so many route options and yesterday I decided to take avenue B – near uncharted territory. Continue reading